Thursday, January 04, 2007

Introduction to The Stop Stephen Harper Blog.

As I have said elsewhere, Stephen Harper is a very dangerous man. He is by far the most ideologically right-wing Prime Minister in Canadian history. His policies threaten to fundamentally alter Canadian society as we know it, and not in a good way. My guess is that is going to make an attempt to appear more moderate from here on in leading up to the next election. Don't believe it. His far right-wing views on may economic and social issues are throroughly on the public record.

Hmm, looks like some of the anti-Harper sites have been shut down.

I will reprint here a list of reasons I came up with not to vote for Harper.

These are the reasons I can come up with at this point in time. I will publish a more extensive list when the next federal election comes.

1) abandoning Kyoto commitments, in the face of overwhelming evidence of the climate change threat, which Canada and almost all other industrialized countries had already signed.

2) refusing to endorse the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples, a document that many countries including Canada has worked on for 20 years, thus further harming relations with aboriginals in Canada.

3) phony choice in child care policy, in place of national child care policy agreed to by Canada and the provinces

4) trashing of the Kelowna accord for aboriginal peoples, again agreed to by the feds and the provincesw

5) raising the income tax of the poorest income group.

6) supporting the Israeli flattening of Lebanon.

7) gutting of social programs which support women, aboriginals, volunteers, and adult literacy.

7) language and decisions used by Stephen Harper which is eerily similar to language and decisions used by George Bush, such as "cut and run," "stay the course," banning coverage of soldier's caskets.

8) as detailed above, an unwillingness or inability to work with the provinces or the international community.

9) inability or unwillingness to work with the opposition parties, after complaining as the official opposition in the previous Parliament that the government was unwilling to work with them. The Difference is that the previous government did work with the opposition; it was just a different party. The Harper regime seems unable or unwilling to work with any of the opposition parties.

10) Taking David Emerson in to his cabinet soon after he was elected as a Liberal.

11) Turfing Garth Turner because he spoke his mind.

12) threatening to kill the gun registry.

13) if elected with a majority, a Harper Conservative government will likely sign on to the US's dangerous misguided ballistic missle defence program.

14) breaking promises to increase foreign aid to .07% average, and instead letting it fall.