Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tories vote against Kyoto motion.

Sorry, I was laid up with a bad cold for the last week.

Anyway, Dion presented the non-binding motion on Kyoto to the House of Commons on Monday. If passed, it wouldn't commit the government to any action on the issue, but it would put their position on Kyoto on the record.

All members of the Harper government who were present for the vote were whipped to vote against the motion.

And there you have it. Let's forget about the past. Let's forget that the Liberals did precious little about the environment, and let's forget also the inaction of the Conservatives on this file. To address the problem, Kyoto as a starting step has to be implemented.

The Conservatives were talking a lot recently about commitment to the environment. Many of us were wondering where they really stand. Could they really be serious about this, or as I suspect, are their strings still being pulled by the fossil fuel industry.

Now we know.

Oh yeah. Despite Tory opposition, the motion was passed by the three opposition parties.