Sunday, March 18, 2007

Elizabeth May announces run against Peter McKay

As I speak, Elizabeth May is announcing on CBC Newsworld that she is running in Central Nova against Peter McKay. I would like to see her win a seat, and wish she would choose a riding where she would have a better chance.

That said, If she could bring down Peter McKay, nothing would make me happier. He seems like a pretty nice guy, but he was dead wrong (not to mention deceitful) about uniting the PC Party with the Alliance. The latter has swallowed up the former. The princples of the party have swung far to the right.

It will be a tall order, but if she defeats Peter Mckay, it will repesent not only an affirmation of Green Politics, but a condemnation of the Harper government.

She just said, to paraphrase, that she fears what could happen if that Harper government ever attains a majority. Maybe that is the point she is trying to make by making this choice. She knows no one else could defeat McKay, so in a sense, that is perhaps that is why she making this choice.