Thursday, September 06, 2007

this blog will stay up as an archive

Due to time constraints and a shift in commitments, I will no longer be updating this blog. However, I will keep this blog up as an archive. Please use the resources on the right sidebar.

I think that the next election has to largely be about the environment. If it is, my feeling is that Stephen Harper will absolutely not win a majority in the next election. The battle is to remove him from government. Keep hope alive.

As for myself, I am a full time student now at Langara College in Vancouver. I am also chair of Amnesty International's Business and Human Rights working group in Vancouver. Please check out our blog.

This is where I feel my calling is now. I maintain the greatest of respect for those who will continue the campaign against Harper, and no one will be more pleased than I when he goes down. That said, personally, on a general level, I find partisan politics to be distasteful. I much prefer what I see as the the independence and nobility of nonpartisan social justice activism, in the tradition of Stephen Lewis or Romeo Dallaire.

In peace,